Breathe life into your corporate values

Who are your positive influencers?
How can you use your employee recognition program to tap into their strengths and galvanize the entire organization?

Slide Since you can’t be everywhere at once, use social peer recognition to spread values virally. Encourage employees to look beyond their own cubicles and to share examples for what works. Everyone will get inspired by role models - people they can relate to - who embody the critical behaviours that you want to see multiplied.


Spread values virally

Simple and highly visual tools make it a cinch to let individuals - or entire teams - know how their efforts contribute to the company’s success. In mere minutes, anyone can share detailed, meaningful recognition with everyone, at any time.

Openness and transparency shape perceptions of fairness. Employees at all levels get a deeper understanding of how company or departmental objectives translate into their daily work.


Like a drumbeat

Every recognition message automatically appears on your virtual recognition wall. Tied to your prized values, it’s like a drumbeat spreading news of positive actions happening - right now - in every corner of your organization.

Even with thousands of employees, it still feels like a small, close-knit community working towards a common goal and achieving success, minute by minute, beat by beat. The vibe is powerful, all-pervasive, all positive.


Meaningful recognition goes beyond warm and fuzzy

Employee recognition that connects your strategy, culture and the essential part employees play in achieving success better supports your business than frequent but vague kudos for a job well done.

Properly recognized and rewarded, employees morph into loyal fans with a shared sense of purpose that boosts their level of engagement and validates your strategy.


The perfect complement to manager feedback

Imagine the depth and positivity you’ll add to any performance review when peers highlight the personal strengths and values that each employee contributes, with real-life examples captured as they happen, throughout the year.

Our employee Strengths badges are fully customized to reflect the strengths especially valued by your company.


Like a social network but private and secure

As employees get recognized for their contribution, empower them to share the spotlight with teammates who supported the efforts that got them there.

Even with thousands of employees, your company feels like a close-knit community working towards a common goal and achieving success, as a team. When employees develop a powerful sense of ownership and shared identity, your success becomes their success.


Awarding points is always optional

Set your own rules and guidelines based on the specific program objectives. With the proper permissions, employees and managers can elect to award points from their budget – or not, as appropriate.

Simply put, we believe that budget cuts and monetary constraints should never get in the way of recognizing your culture-builders.

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